About the Artists | DejaNeu
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About the Artists

Deja neu furnishings was founded in 2006 with combined, creative focuses of Lana and Erica.

Erica spent her years out of college coaching and playing collegiate and professional soccer, and running fitness clubs in the greater Seattle area.

Lana has an extensive background in sourcing, and refurbishing antiques.  She simultaneously developed her talent while working towards a position on the Seattle fire department.  Sidelined by a back injury, she gathered her love for antiques and additional experience as a jeweler in earlier years, and created a new inspiration, Deja Neu Furnishings.

Lana’s meticulous process of finishing, combined with her passion of restoration, merge with Erica’s vision of adding industrial elements into their design. Ultimately, finished pieces unfold that are built to last and creatively blend from contrasting eras and industries.