Casper Fry | DejaNeu
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About This Project

Casper Fry

  • Custom overhead bar lighting inspired by wall mount medical light. Fitted with porcelain ruffle shade.
  • Set of four scissor lights, original wall mount for antique crank phones, with simple porcelain shade.
  • Custom chalkboard made from four salvaged gears out of a mid 1900’s screw machine, a hay pulley, salvaged barn hardware, chalk board paint, and a crusty lever from an old boat.
  • Wait station created from cast iron jointer base paired with salvage maple, topped with functional stripped cabinets.
  • Greeting station- foot -pedaled cast iron base topped with steel lift top desk.
  • Safe doors framed with steel.
  • 8′ whiskey cabinet created with salvaged factory fir door, surrounded by steel and glass
  • Aluminum paired with steel wait station, red accents